What do I wear? This is a question that we get a lot, so we came up with a few suggestions that may help.


For couple shoots:

  • Compliment each other but you don’t have to be matchy - Mix and match
  • Solids, simple patterns, and neutral colors always look best
  • Girls: anything flowy is always a good idea. But if you are a jeans and boots kinda gal, go for it!
  • Guys: keep it casual but dressy, not too dressy though, and stay away from logos and graphics



For Family shoots:

  • Coordinate colors and styles - you don't have to wear the same color but within the same color family
  • Solids, simple patterns, and neutral colors always look best
  • Stay away from logos and graphics
  • Layers and textures are fun



For Maternity shoots:

  • Comfortable outfits, but maternity dresses are usually the go to and works well for showing off your baby bump.
  • Solid colors 
  • If other family members are in the shoot as well, you may mix and match outfits.





  • Lay out all the clothing on a bed, including stockings and socks. If on particular item draws your attention to it, guarantee it will in the photograph. 
  • Be mindful of where your photo session will be taken. if it’s in the woods, greens and browns are out. You don’t want to blend with the background.
  • Don't over accessories 
  • If all else falls, send us a picture of what you’re thinking of wearing and we can help with your decision.


Now that you're all set let's chat about booking your shoot.